The Dutch media also picked up the case!

In the second quarter, almost a quarter of the transport companies suffered from staff shortages. Although ABN AMRO expects the shortage in the labor market to continue to increase, this can also have positive effects, according to the bank in the latest ‘state of transport’. Entrepreneurs may be able to raise rates if the tightness occurs across the industry. The survey shows that for the first time in three years, entrepreneurs are positive about their competitive position.

All hands on deck

Nevertheless, according to ABN AMRO, the shortage of drivers also has structural causes. Due to the long working days and the shortage of sufficient resting places, the profession is not attractive for young people. In addition, the sector is aging rapidly. That is why it is important to attract more young people and women. This is what TLN has been working hard on for years together with the Sector Institute Transport and Logistics (STL). “We are doing everything we can to attract new and suitable staff,” says Caroline Blom, labor market policy advisor at TLN.

Increasingly attractive

“Before the corona crisis, there were several thousand lateral entrants a year, especially from the catering industry and healthcare,” says Blom. “Employers try to recruit women and status holders, among other things. We once organized a Ladies Night for women, which resulted in seventy new drivers. The truck driver profession is more attractive to women today. The work has become less physically demanding in recent years, thanks in part to loading and unloading systems that can be operated with two fingers. In the coming years we will have to recruit many new drivers, because after corona the structural shortage will return.”