UK checklist


Vehicle Checklist for Border Force – 
At TIN we call it 
the UK Checklist

When your transport is heading to the United Kingdom, your driver is obliged to present a document to the British authorities that outlines where along their route to the UK they have stopped and confirming that they have performed a number of actions during their stops: the Vehicle Checklist for Border Force, or in TIN terms, the UK Checklist.
IMI All-In Service
TIN CRM system
Legal control app

TIN simplifies this administrative task for your drivers.

Using our Legal Control App on their phones, they can tick off each mandatory action at every stop. The app is connected to the TIN-CRM, where information from all stops is compiled and automatically populated on a digital version of the official form. Upon request by the Border Force, drivers can instantly present their completed checklist digitally and, if necessary, email it directly from the app to an email address provided by the authorities.

Opt for convenience and peace of mind with TIN. Call us today for more information on how we can assist you and your drivers with the UK Checklist and more.