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TIN Payment Card – Quick, On-Demand Access to Funds Throughout Europe

Manage your fleet’s on-road expenses with the TIN Payment Card. Designed specifically for the unique demands of haulage companies, our card gives your drivers abroad quick and easy access to money as and when they need it, whether for services, unforeseen expenses, or paying fines.
Instant payment
24/7 service
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Why Choose TIN Payment Card?

Quick Access to Funds: Our debit card, accepted on the vast Visa network, ensures your drivers can access funds whenever and wherever they need. Unlike credit cards, the TIN Payment Card lets you control the spending, as only the preloaded amount can be used.

No Daily Limits: Say goodbye to the hassles of ATM withdrawal limits. Our card provides the flexibility your drivers need to simply withdraw any sum they need in one go.

Card Management

We manage the cards for you. Does one of your drivers need to make a payment? A simple phone call from you instructs us to deposit the required sum of money onto their card. A one-time PIN code is then sent to the driver, giving him immediate access to the funds.

Digital Cards

We are in the process of introducing a whole new, digital payment card. It will work just like the current TIN Payment Card, but will be added to drivers’ e-wallets.
Contact us for more details about our unique and secure payment solutions. We’d be delighted to explain all.