24/7 Service


Priority When You Need It Most

If one of your lorries breaks down, or is prevented from continuing its journey for whatever other reason, then you can count on us doing all we can to get it on its way again as soon as possible.  Everything else can wait.
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24-hour service

As a TIN customer,  you can rely on 24/7 service for the following (and if you’re not yet a client, now is the perfect time to become one!):

  • Payment/advancement of fines;
  • On-site cash delivery within the hour;
  • Telephone translation services (PL/PT/F/UK/I/SP/D/H);
  • On-site assistance within the hour, guided by your GPS data;
  • Access to all emergency services across Europe (if necessary, we will coordinate from the Netherlands);
  • Tyre services;
  • Breakdown assistance;
  • Towing services;
  • Load redistribution/transfer;
  • On-site fuel delivery within the hour.

Please contact us for more information. You can reach us during office hours at +31 (0)85 0719 600.