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Navigating the complexities of the EU’s posting regulations can be frustrating and time consuming. With the integration of the EU’s Internal Market Information System (IMI) in 2002, the portals of individual member states have been streamlined into one, but the challenge of keeping your international drivers compliant remains. That’s where we step in.
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With TIN, you’re not just meeting regulations; your business becomes more efficient. We take all the administrative tasks relating to posting/IMI declarations out of your hands so that you can concentrate on what you do best—moving forward. Our service includes:

  • Easy posting/IMI account management: After one-time data entry into our TIN CRM system, the database and backbone of many of our services, all your company information is securely stored according to GDPR and easily accessible.
  • Effortless mutations: Manage data such as driver details and vehicle registrations with just a few clicks, and simply check or uncheck the boxes corresponding to the countries for which your drivers need declarations.
  • Instant updates and declarations: Changes in your fleet or personnel? We update posting/IMI declarations every night, or immediately upon request, keeping your operations compliant at all times.
  • Digital access, anytime, anywhere: One of the advantages of our Legal Control app is that your drivers can present declarations digitally upon request by the authorities.
  • Automatic renewals: We automatically renew expiring declarations, so you’re always up to date without lifting a finger.
  • Dedicated support: Our team mediates with authorities in the countries where your drivers are posted on your behalf, handling disputes and appeals procedures as the need arises.

Innovations on the horizon: In the near future we’ll be rolling our a number of new features like one-click posting initiation/termination and integrated time tracking for reporting and wage calculation purposes.

Join TIN: Choose simplicity and let us keep you moving without the bureaucratic burden. For when it comes to IMI declarations, our 40,000 drivers’ experience enables us to do things quicker, more efficiently and cheaper than if you did them yourself.