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Who We Are

TIN is your reliable partner on the road. Founded as Transport in Nood in 2008 by Antonio Oliveira, we’ve grown from a single-minded mission to get vehicles back on the road as swiftly as possible to a comprehensive service provider for the transport industry. Our dedicated team of around 20 professionals is committed to ensuring that transporters can concentrate on their core tasks, leaving the challenges to us.

Our Evolution

TIN has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially focused on aiding transporters in quickly resuming their journeys when stopped for whatever reason, our service spectrum has broadened extensively. Today, we boast a vast European network, supporting over 3,200 clients across the continent with a variety of tailored solutions, from 24-hour assistance for roadside fine payments to legal support in contesting fines, a comprehensive toll system, payment card, and more.

Digital and Future-Proof

The digital transition is steadily reaching the international road transport sector. In answer to this development and in anticipation of further digitalisation, TIN has leveraged its vast experience to design proprietary software and systems. Our innovative CRM system, for instance, which is linked to an app on drivers’ phones, facilitates the real-time exchange of control information and documents between drivers, admin staff and relevant authorities. This greatly simplifies the logistics of compliance with national and EU regulations. Moreover, our platform is modular and can therefore be easily expanded with new functionality as it becomes available.
So you see, with TIN you’re future-proof.


At TIN, our clients’ operational continuity and satisfaction are our top priority. Whether it’s through our round-the-clock assistance, our advanced technological solutions, or our comprehensive suite of services, we are dedicated to providing you with the support you need, when you need it.

Let’s Meet

We are more than just a service provider; we are your partner on every journey. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can address your specific needs on the road to further your success.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with having TIN on board. We’d be delighted to welcome you as our new customer.

Antonio Oliveira and his wife Monica Cruz Oliveira launch Transport in Nood from their kitchen table in an Amsterdam apartment. Speaking four languages between them, the duo ensure the swift payment of on-the-spot fines by organising roadside cash deliveries to stopped lorry drivers. A niche is filled, a company born and a network quickly grows.

2008 establishment

TIN’s success prompts Antonio and Monika to rent some modest office space and hire Michiel , their first staff member. With revenues flowing in, the young entrepreneurs become increasingly familiar with the European road haulage sector and investigate service expansion opportunities.

2009 2 employees

TIN identified market demand for the facilitation and management of drivers’ international expenses in general, and developed the TIN Payment Card in conjunction with VISA. By 2012, 5,000 European lorry drivers carried the Payment Card in their wallets.

2012 5000 drivers

TIN continues its steady growth, employing ten full-time staff. The company moves out of its now cramped accommodation and into new offices at its current location in Weesp, just south of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 

2015 500 clients

TIN attracts increasing numbers of customers abroad. To meet demand eastward, a first subsidiary is established in Germany. A second is established in Portugal, the home of Antonio and Monica’s parents, to serve as an important bridge to Brazil, the country facilitating payments in nighttime Europe when European banks are closed.

20 employee

Ten years in business, TIN celebrates by bringing in its 1,000th customer. These customers are spread across 12 different European countries and more than 10,000 European lorry drivers now benefit from TIN’s payment and administrative logistics services to keep them rolling.

2018 10.000 drivers

Further demand in the east of Europe leads to the establishment of a third subsidiary in Hungary. TIN now has 1,500 customers and 20,000 drivers on its books. Following the digital trend, TIN spots the opportunity to bring the bulk of its services together in a single mobile application on drivers’ phones. It duly starts work developing the Legal Control App, which will bring important data and documents to the European roadside at the press of a button.

2021 25.000 drivers

Things are moving very swiftly now. TIN has more than 50,000 drivers in its CRM system, 10,000 of which are connected to up-to-date information and documentation through the Legal Control App. Furthermore, TIN is market leader when it comes to the provision of IMI-declarations and staff speak a stunning 15 languages combined.
TIN continues to expand in every way and once again in 2024, expects very soon to move into larger accommodation because its offices in Weesp are bursting at the seams.

3203 clients
32 employee


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