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Enhance Your Cash Flow

Driven by the ambition to provide support and advantages to customers wherever possible, TIN has collaborated with the Italian Federazione Autotransportatori Italiani (FAI) to develop a toll solution for EETS.

Obviously, your trucks can pass through any toll gate in Europe without stopping using just a single toll box, and you’ll receive just one consolidated monthly invoice for all your toll charges. The unique benefit of TIN’s toll solution for your business lies in the significantly extended payment term, instantly enhancing your cash flow.

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Drive Now, Pay Later

Toll charges are invoiced at the end of each calendar month. For most countries in Europe, the payment term is is quite long at 60 days, and for Italy and France it’s even longer: 90 days. In other words, for Italy and France, you don’t need to pay for your toll charges until a whole 90 days after incurring them. For all other toll and tunnel charges, it’s 60 days, which is still a pretty attractive term.

Proven tech and solid partners

The on-board unit (OBU) chosen for TIN’s Toll Solution is Telepass Sat Europe. It is fully compatible with systems in 15 European countries and widely regarded as the most technologically advanced, reliable and user-friendly option in the market.

As our EETS provider, we’ve found a partner in FAI who shares our mission: to help customers navigate increasingly complex regulations and meet resulting obligations in the most efficient and straightforward manner. In terms of administrative systems and technological tools for the transport sector, FAI stands among the most innovative service companies in Europe. For over 30 years, they’ve maximised customer benefit by simplifying processes and minimising delays.

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