Brenner Pass

Important news border crossings Italy

Yesterday a customer of Transport in Nood was fined for € 377 in Italy for not reporting the border crossing at the Brenner Pass (AT> IT) online to the Italian health ministry.
Until last week, taking and filling in the Italian Corona form was sufficient. Since this week, an additional check has also been carried out to determine whether a notification has been made in advance at the relevant border crossing. An online report can be made in advance at the Brenner Pass. At other border crossings, registration can be done by email.

you will find several contact points where reports can be made at the various border crossings and whether this notification can be made online or via email. The list of contact points also indicates which data must be communicated. So read it carefully. Also note that the notification must be made in advance! We recommend that you report this at least 24 hours in advance to the relevant contact point. When registering by email, it is advisable to send the completed Corona form in the appendix. This form can also be downloaded from our download page.

Click here to request the url of the download page. Have you already done this? Then you can just use the same link.

Mouth mask obligation in Europe

In various countries, wearing a face mask is mandatory if you are in a public space. We therefore also strongly recommend that you make sufficient masks available to your drivers as soon as possible. Especially in countries such as Austria, Germany and Italy this personal protective equipment is a must. The same applies to the use of hygienic gloves in a number of Eastern European countries. In recent days we have also received a number of reports from Spain and France on this subject. Drivers were obliged to wear a mask at the loading and unloading addresses. Otherwise they would not be allowed to leave the cabin. If a mask is really not available, at least a temporary product such as a scarf could also be used. As long as the nose and mouth are completely covered.